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TechVibe Radio

Oct 17, 2019

Pittsburgh Technology Council/TechVibe Radio cohost Jonathan Kersting kicks off the new Pittsburgh Founders podcast series with RedTree Web Design's Meesha Gerhart.

Meesha says that she's always worked in small business and, when she had the opportunity to start her own, she jumped on it. "Being able to impact small businesses and contribute to an individual's labor to help grow the economy is the reason I get up every morning," says Meesha.
RedTree is a web agency specializing in UX/UI and full stack development. It works with business every day to make sure their website or application is conveying their brand and speaking to their audience. After 13 years of experience, RedTree knows the right things to ask and create to make the most impact for any business or organization. 
Meesha's advice when founding a company:
Be patient and stay vulnerable. Your going to get knocked down, a lot! Keep believing in yourself and your business because every time you get up you’ve learned more about yourself and what knocked you down.