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TechVibe Radio

May 14, 2020

We are excited to have Alejandro Sklar and Davit Davitian of return to the Stand to give us an update on its quest to provide PPE to organizations and people in need.

These AlphaLab Gear Alums joined up to for just as the COVID-19 Pandemic broke out. They just received a grant from Bridgeway Capital to start injection molding face shields.

They have now officially started producing injection molded versions of the shields with Parker Precision Molding, a local manufacturer. The shields can be produced and assembled much more quickly and cheaply, allowing the ability to:

  •  to prep the region to respond more quickly if there are any subsequent waves of the disease;
  • to get shields to industries outside of the medical field, in order to combat spread as industries/businesses begin to open (ex: meatpacking plants, hospitality, small grocers, laboratories, etc)