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TechVibe Radio

Jan 11, 2021

Founded in 2007 by attorney Susan Ardisson, bit-x-bit has developed into one of the premier digital forensics and e-discovery firms in the region. 

Established with the mission of providing legal and technical expertise to successfully guide lawyers and other professionals through e-discovery and digital forensics challenges, bit-x-bit quickly garnered loyal clients and built a reputation for excellence, receiving the Allegheny County Bar Association’s exclusive endorsement in 2008 and in every succeeding year. The firm has innovated continuously through the use of advanced-analytics tools and expanded to provide cybersecurity, incident response and information governance services. 

Now, following a thoughtfully coordinated transition period, Ardisson is handing over the firm’s leadership to a dynamic new CEO, attorney John Unice. Learn more about the transition and plans for future growth and expansion!